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Peter Slattery

Mar 30 2018, 3:42pm

For Robbie Barrat, beauty is in the AI of the beholder. OK, beauty might be a stretch, but these neural network nudes are definitely strangely fascinating.

Barrat, a recent high school graduate in West Virginia, made the images by feeding thousands of classical nude paintings scraped from WikiArt into a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN). The GAN uses a system of two neural networks called a “generator” and a “discriminator” to create convincing versions of the works using data from the paintings and machine learning.

When he previously tested this technique with landscape oil paintings, Barrat (who you might remember from his viral Kanye West neural network project) says the GAN was able to produce fairly convincing compositions with some surreal accents. In the nude portrait experiment, however, the neural network refused to move past its Dalí period.

“The GAN didn't successfully learn how to make realistic nude portraits,” stated the artistThe discriminator part of the GAN isn't really able to tell the difference between blobs of flesh and humans, and once the generator realized it could keep feeding the discriminator blobs of flesh, and fool it this way, both networks just stopped learning how to paint more realistically.”


Concepts of Time

Art Competition Begins in:


The Passage by @seamlessoo

Marion Peck

Upcoming Solo Show Displaying Her New Distorted Portraits

Hosted: April 14th
Funkadelic societal artist Marion Peck, is hosting her solo show debuting her Distorted Portrait collection and The Dorthy Circus Gallery in both Rome & London. The show premiers April 14th and should be amazing provided the groovy ambiance of the Circus Gallery sets the tone of Peck's Amazing art. 



Looking for

John Greenwood 

Presents "The Sky's Gone Out"

@ Arthouse1 London

Privately Hosted: April 6th
Out of this world creature artist and cartoonist John Greenwood, will be privately debuting his "The Sky's Gone Out". His painting is a combination of grotesque subjects and incredible attention to detail. Creating life like surreal creatures to mystify us, 
If you cant make the private show in London on April 6th, John Greenwood will be hosting an artists conversation on Saturday April 28th from 5-7. Discussing the creative process and inspiration behind his eye catching work. 
Rainbow Mountian, Peru
Nicole Snmoot Photography

Patrick Jacob

Amazingly Beautiful Earthly Dioramas on Display

Privately Hosted: April 6th
Breath taking. Beautiful. Earthly.
The amazingly talented sculpture breaks through the art world with combinations of nature and sculpture to form gorgeous works of art portraying beautiful, earthly displays of nature and society. 
These dioramas and material abundant sculptures pave the way for landscapes of our fantasy. Giving us a strange perspective into our own reality through warped and manipulated dimensions. 

Quite the

interesting read

The Eye
Salvador Dali

Samuel Salcedo 

Surreal Sculptures of The Human Form

Surreal sculptor Samuel Salcedo, creates visually stunning sculptures of the human body with socially compelling messages behind every inch. These sculptures are quaint in size, packing pounds in detail. 
Previously showing at Art Madrid, Art Karlsruhe and 100 Kubic, it is publicly agreed that an international tour of these works would be a pleasure. 
Dragon Pleasure
Jacek Yerka

Sara Catapano

Medium Defining

Freaky Organic Sculpture

Leaving her audience in shock and awe, Sara Catapano displays her biomorphic sculpture as an expression of societal and personal experiences.
This funkadelic body of work resonates imagination and creation of the unknown. With amazing texture and motion throughout these pieces. Sara Catapano provides  her viewers with a gateway to grotesque beings beyond our wildest imagination. 


Head of Medusa
Salvador Dali

Jannick Deslaurier

Brilliant Textile Sculptures

Portraying a contrast between form and function, Jannick Deslaurier creates amazing works of strong figures from fragile materials. Her work showcases the deterioration of objects through ghost like materials. Allowing the presence of light to display such a creation of hollow form. 
Jannick Deslaurier's massive sculptures are beautiful 3D representations of drawings. Through intricate thread work comparable to the use of a micron, this body of work captivates its audience through it's breath taking decay. 
Intimate Portrayals
1990s archival photography of
Seydou Keita
Accountable Photography
National Gallery of Art, Washington showcases the works of sally mann.

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Detroit Artists Market shows and sells works by many of the region’s most talented artists. 

history carving photography

Vincent Proce

what great detail



interesting performance art

    "I started to feel as if life was just one big pattern. So I stopped conforming and stopped giving a f*c* about societal standards and normality. Damn how it feels so good..."
-The Rightor                      
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