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February 2019

Call For Artists

Note to artists: until our platform is optimized, ideal entry size is 1080x1080 (square)


Feb 22nd - Mar 1st 

Light & Dark Art Challenge Begins

All medium light and dark art challenge begins online starting February 22nd 2019. Join us this week for art exposure and the chance to win art materials! Click the link above to enter and check out this weeks video for more info.

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Creating Light With Patrick Ethen 

Featured Artist:

I'm a light artist and designer exploring the intersection of technology and humanity, the relation between analog and digital systems, and the mechanisms of mesmerization. I use light to represent levels of actuation, and simple rules to generate emergent behavior. The result is a stream of continuously new pattern and textural information within a consistent data structure. I make physical objects because I value real world experiences, real phenomena.


Receiving light is a visceral experience which is able to impact us emotionally, and my aim is to pull on these strings.

I'm particularly inspired by the samizdat from Infinite Jest, by our biological constraints, by DNA replication, EMDR machines, and evolution. For the past year and a half I've been a resident with Texture Detroit, designing stages and dance environments for the underground music community. All electronics are wired by hand in Detroit, Michigan.

WATCH More Featured Artists

                Patrick Quarm  

David McGuffie                 

Ghana born & Detroit based artist Patrick Quarm, creates amazing works of art that resonate pattern and texture through vibrancy of color. Using paint and African print fabric, Patrick Quarm translates his form of identity and culture through his mixed media practices. Check out more of his work here steps into the studio of Detroit based artist Bird Chow David McGuffie. He is our guest judge this week in the Color & Line Challenge. For more art by David and links to our weekly call for artist opportunities, check out the links here.

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Materials & Resources

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Guest Judge