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Sharpening And Learning New Skills Is Vital For Success

The secret to success in any venture is to never stop learning. Whether a person has earned an advanced degree or is just beginning a new career, it’s always a good idea to continuously be learning new skills.

It’s especially important to sharpen and learn skills that are capable of being transferred from one type of career to another.


This ensures that a person will always be marketable in an increasingly competitive working environment. If you are currently considering going back to school to learn some new skills, the following information will help you get started on making a decision that will benefit your career!

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Hauthous.com is debuting its 2019. Weekly online contests and we hope you are ready. With over 1,000 prizes scheduled for this year! You have the chance to create a lot and show us what you got! We are teaming up with amazing artists around the globe to bring you inspiration while creating in the art challenges happening ever week right here on Hauthous.com! 


This is the greatest creative opportunity kicking off 2019.

-Detroit Free Press


Artists! You now have the opportunity to increase the amount of art you make, build your portfolio, win free materials and increase your artistic exposure through our thousand of viewers! All this while becoming part of the ever growing online art community. 

We will be hosting all media competitions that will each run for 7 days starting February 1st 2019. The winners will be chosen by our amazing host and guest judges @ Noon the next Friday. We will post the winners and the introduction to the next contest through video announcement that can be viewed right here at Hauthous.com

This years prizes will include art materials, event tickets and everyone's favorite cash prizes, so check out every weeks competition because even the participation perks are sweet. 

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Medium Artists!

Call For All

All Medium Competitions Start Feb 1st  


Feb. 1ts-8th :Color + Line

Feb. 8th-15th: Pattern + Texture

Feb. 15th-22th: Light and Darkness

Feb. 22th-1st: Best In Show


Mar. 1st-8th: Landscape + Beyond

Mar. 8th-15th: Floral + Trees

Mar. 15th-22nd: Wildlife

Mar. 22nd-29th: Best In Show


Mar. 29- April 5th: Color + Space

April. 5th-12th: Contrast + Motion

April. 12th-19th: Form + Figure

April. 19th-26th: Best In Show


Apr. 26th-May 3rd: Abstract

May. 3rd-10th: Surrealism

May. 10th-17th: Fantasy

May. 17th-24th: Best In Show


May. 24th-31st: $5k 5winner Week


Contest Schedule 2019.

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Featured Artist Friday

Artists to inspire your creative fire!

Happy Friday Everyone! Welcome to another featured artists Friday where we are displaying some amazing works by many brilliant artists working hard to create every day. We hope you find some awesome inspiration from these creatives and continue to make make make! 

Every third Friday of each month we feature amazing international artists. So if you are ever interested in having your work featured right here at Hauthous.com contact one of our representatives at hauthous@gmail.com with some information about yourself, your social links, website and a image you want to be displayed in our featured section. 

Enjoy the work and check us out next Friday for more information on our upcoming art challenges and more opportunities for greater artistic exposure!



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Tumblr: nataliekerrillustration.tumblr.com/ 

Twitter: twitter.com/NatalieKerrIllo

Instagram: Natalie_kerr_illustration

Natalie Kerr 

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instagram: @alexander_gouletas

Twitter : @agouletas


Alexander Gouletas

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Erica Williams

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'Reaching for a Star'
Artist: Don Gensler
William Hodges, who lives in the house upon which the mural is painted, says: "That mural is the best thing that's happened around here. For 20 years, this neighborhood's been going down, but when they came and put that mural up there on the wall, it stopped it from going down."


'The Peace Wall'
Artist: Jane Golden
Painted on a house in Grays Ferry, one of the city's more racially charged neighborhoods, The Peace Wall remains one of Philadelphia's most enduring icons of hope.

Artist(s): Michael Burdick and Kelly Golden
Year: 2018
Commissioned By: Pewabic Pottery
Address: 10125 East Jefferson, Detroit, MI


Artist(s): MILLO 

Title: ‘Dream’

In one of the poorest suburbs of Pescara tells a beautiful story:

"We should take more care of our lives and never forget to dream, cause inside each dream there’s everything we are and everything we will be."


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Featured Article


5 Reasons:

Why 2019 Will Be Better

For Your Art Business. 

Written By: Imani D.

12:46 1/4/2019.

      Happy New Year creators and visionaries.

I hope your month of January is off to an amazing start. This year promises big things for those striving to create better opportunities for themselves. Welcome 2019 with an open mind about furthering your business and the sale of your art by taking the steps you need to succeed. Here are 5 reasons why 2019 will be better for your art business. 

1) There Is An Increasing Amount Of Advertising Options.


As we start the new year we need to take a nice long look at the resources around us. Thousands of online companies with advertising cost ranging between $2-$10,000+ dollars for artists who know they key to their sales performance. Look into the social platforms you use to inquire about their advertisement options. Be confident in every decision you make and work toward developing those online sales!

2) More Companies Are Working Toward Sponsoring Artists. 


This means that your small business can be taken to the next level with help! Okay we all know about the Hauthous sponsorship. But have you heard of the Bob Ross, Mountain, Canson, Art Alternatives or Canon Sponsorship??? All amazing opportunities to reach your artistic potential with sponsored materials and supplies! Be sure to check out your favorite art company and talk to them about the opportunities they have to sponsor artists!

3) More Artists Are Collaborating Together


The online art community is growing and it is your chance to take a hold of the resources available to you. This is your opportunity for collaboration and inspiration within a world full of infinite possibilities. Fill what you are missing by working with people like you to accomplish things that the world has never seen. Use our amazing social platforms to actually be social! And go beyond a like with the next opportunity. 

4) New Artists And Designers Are Breaking Through As Creative Business Leaders


If you have ever wanted that artistic web page or flawless apparel design then now is the time to reach out and find hundreds of talented individuals with the experience to help you reach your business goals. Working with independent artists is a much more lucrative and unique route for designing your next big brand. So take a chance and find the one that is right for you. 

5)There Is Never A Better Time Than Now

Yep, thats right we said it. There is never a better time than now to grab the reins of your creative business. If the next step is making the call then do it. If it is meeting 100 new people than get ready for some hand shakes. And if it is selling your work, you better be managing every web resource known to man. This is your opportunity. Now seize it. 

Plus! 5 Articles To Boost Your Creative Business!

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