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Artists, Stick To It...

A Degree in art!? You Might as well be flipping f***King burgers!

Written by Imani Dumas

June 7th 2019 10:19 Am

Why pushing through negativity and self doubt

will kickstart your artistic career.

As artists we have been perilously tested when it comes to our education, career path and internal choices. With society beating down upon us with names like "starving artist" and standards of education that constantly question the art degree. 

Well here's the thing, art is a fast growing field in animation, sculpture, public art, design and one of my favorites the toy game. If you are an artist lost upon your path it is easy to fall into the negativity that can sometimes be pushed into your mind that you will never make it. 

The reality of the situation is, that it does not matter which field of study or area of life you come from.

If you want it, go get it. And if you work hard enough for it, it will come to you. 

Stop doubting yourself. Stop thinking you are not good enough. You are more than enough and more than capable of achieving greatness within this life you have been given. 

Don't believe me? Watch the video above and the slew of awesome music videos below that prove art will never die.  And if you are still in doubt go check out how much money each art icon has made over its life time. You will be impressed to just how far they have gone. 

Go live your dreams. 

Animated Music Videos That Prove Art Will Never Die

1) The Killers


wicked cool artists you should check out 

2) Siames


3) Goldfish

4) Childish Gambino

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