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Artem Demura


Samantha DeCarlo



Art by: Sick Mous


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Watch: From Graffiti Artist to Graphic Designer


Art by: Jean Bon

Watch: Why Study Art?


More Art by: Jean Bon



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Art by: Jeffery Smith

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Based in London and Berlin, Michael Elmgreen from Denmark and Ingar Dragset from Norway have worked as a collaborative duo since the mid 1990's. Throughout their career, Elmgreen & Dragset have redefined the way in which art is presented and experienced. Tackling subjects as divergent as institutional critique, social politics, performance and architecture,  the artists’ sculptures and installations turn the familiar on its head with characteristic wit and subversive humour.

From transforming New York City's Bohen Foundation into a 13th Street Subway Station in 2004, to placing a Prada boutique in a Texan desert in 2005, their work draws attention to social conventions and prompts a re-thinking of the status quo.

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Watch: Creating the Unexpected

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Art by: Sam Dunn

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Adam Savage checks in on the status of sculptor Johnny Fraser-Allen's tabletop model, which has grown from the intricate Labyrinth we saw two years ago to a sprawling world steeped in fantasy architecture and landscapes that come alive. We're awestruck by the design and details of these models, which Johnny has brilliantly made to be modular and customizable. We can't wait to play in Hagglethorn Hollow!

Since the filming of this video the product has gone through significant development and after consideration to the market for this product, we have decided to release the range first as physical products with 3D STL files in the near future. 

Watch: Weta Workshop Sculptor's Tabletop Miniature World

Samantha DeCarlo3.jpg

Art by: Samantha DeCarlo

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Art by: Andy Warhol

Ghost of a Dream is the collaboration of sculptor Lauren Was and painter Adam Eckstrom. Focusing on installation, sculpture, and collage, the married couple have had numerous solo and group shows around the world, and they've been featured in Art Forum, Whitewall magazine, The Independent, and Time Out New York, to name a few. A few months ago we met up with them and got a chance to explore their works in progress, look at the variety of materials they use (like old lottery tickets), and hear how they came to develop the pieces that first formed their partnership.



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Art by: M.A

From Bergdorf Goodman and Givenchy to Sotheby’s — and across much of the internet — artist Benjamin Shine’s ethereal work with tulle has made him perhaps the foremost fabric sculptor in practice today. We met with Shine in his studio to see, and try to understand, his process.


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Art by: Svetlana Tebyakina

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Art by: Tim Lewis

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Artem Demura .jpg

Art by: Artem Demura

This Central Park South home qua gallery fuses its owners’ love of art and aversion to natural materials with a vision of forward-thinking material design and architecture, brought to life by interior designer Carl D’Aquino and architect Francine Monaco, of D’Aquino Monaco.

See how, in this episode of Interior Lives, D’Aquino and Monaco pulled it all off, as our design editor, Wendy Goodman, tours the space and reveals why it’s so important to approach home design with a spirit of adventure.

Watch: Art lovers will appreciate this gallery home hybrid

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Art by: Ray Villafane


Watch: Banksy Does New York

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Art by: Alexey Egorov

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