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Call For Artists 2020: Color Sense

Hauthous Call For Artists

Artists are asked to submit works that address the studied use of color, where color is a big part of the artist’s toolset and is what makes the work complete. All styles and subject matter accepted.

Awards and Recognition

  • Purchase Award - One artist will be awarded the Purchase Award at the conclusion of this call and entered as a finalist for the Annual Grand Prize.

  • Artist Profile Page Awards - Submitting artists (including the Purchase Award winner) may be invited to have their own in-depth Artist Profile Page, have their work included in the CollexArt Store, and in the curated Online Exhibit Space.

  • The CollexArt Annual Grand Prize of $5,000 - Artists who get selected for Purchase Awards, Artist Profile Pages, CollexArt Exhibit Space, or for the CollexArt store are registered as finalists for the prize. This award will identify a single work as the best of the year. The Grand Prize will be awarded in March of 2021.

  • Additional Artist Exposure - Artists whose work catches the attention of the curators, but who do not receive a Purchase Award or an Artist Profile Page, may be invited for exposure in the CollexArt Selected Works Forum.

  • CollexArt Sponsored Artist Websites & Membership - All participants are eligible for a complimentary one-year CollexArt membership. Those just starting out, and who have never had a professional artist portfolio website can request a CollexArt sponsored website for a year (domain name not included in the offer).

Y‍uck - Please Note: CollexArt charges an 18% commission fee for art sold through our Online Exhibits and the CollexArt Store.‍

For more information about this opportunity for artists and photographers please visit the Event Website.

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